By 11 January, 2017


Clear polished PVC sheet with UV inhibitors recommended to cover boat windows, restaurants, terraces and tents.


sun-iconSun Protection
High resistance to sunlight

Resistance to humidity

Wide variety of colors

CRISTALREC is a sheet of transparent PVC with high levels of UV inhibitors that prevent yellowing when used in exterior applications. Its exceptional transparency makes it ideal for applications where perfect visibility and long life is required.

It comes in two versions: 0.5 mm and 0.65 mm thick.

Recommended applications include:

  • windows for boat enclosures.
  • storefronts for restaurants and cafés.
  • windows for tents.

CRISTALREC maintains its transparency and resists weathering much better than other transparent PVC sheets, maintaining flexibility in cold weather and providing excellent visibility when exposed to water. It has a very low degree of yellowing.

CRISTALREC unrolls easily and has proven efficacy in blocking UV rays. A special fungicide formula is added to the product in order to maintain the surface mold free.



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