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sun-iconSun Protection
High resistance to sunlight

Wide variety of colors

sun-iconCan’t Rot
Weather Resistant

Polyester fabric PVC coated both sides and engraved on one side, specially designed for all marine covers, hoods and Biminis.

Polyester fabric PVC coated, embossed on one side, specially designed for all covers, protective covers and Biminis.

Fabrics made from solution-dyed acrylic fibers with exceptional resistance to saline environments and designed for use on boats.

Solution-dyed acrylic fiber fabric with a PVC coated side. Its waterproofing performance makes it ideal for boats.

Solution-dyed acrylic fiber fabric, resin-coated for maximum waterproofing, ideal for boat protection.

Marine bindings are the perfect solution in the nautical world for giving a perfect finish to fabric edges.

Solution dyed acrylic fabric suitable for making cushions and interior and exterior upholstery used on boats.