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RECASENS is a family business founded in 1886 in Barcelona, recognized as a leader for its innovative capacity, processes, manufacture and selling of high performance technical fabrics for sun protection, textile architecture, furniture, transportation and navigation.

RECASENS offers a wide range of premium quality solutions for different applications and for different markets where it operates, integrated into three main categories:


100% solution-dyed acrylic fabrics for awnings, marine and decoration.

Recacril® fabrics are designed for outdoor use, providing excellent UV protection and durability. As a result of our exclusive Infinity Process, they are water, dirt and mould repellent. They guarantee a high degree of resistance to the elements, and superior comfort, as they are easy to clean and maintain.


Screen fabrics for making awnings, curtains and other decorative elements, both indoors and outdoors.

RecScreen® fabrics are made from high tenacity polyester yarns, which are coated with high performance polymers and subsequently woven together, with a greater or lesser opening coefficient. Their excellent performance makes them fabrics that are highly efficient in terms of controlling solar radiation to the fullest extent.

Technical Textiles

Waterproof membranes, for textile architecture, transport and industrial uses.

Fabrics made from high tenacity polyester yarns, coated with PVC. One of the widest selections of technical fabrics on the market, for various industrial uses and a multitude of applications.



Yarn and fabric factories

RECASENS owns three factories, one dedicated to the manufacture of acrylic yarn and the other to the production of polyester yarn screen, both facilities equipped with the most modern machinery and where the entire production is intended for own consumption.

Within the process of integration and quality assurance throughout the production chain, yarn is subsequently processed at its factory of fabrics and finishes, being all the range of acrylic awnings, technical fabrics and screen fabrics, manufactured, inspected, stored and dispatched to all its customers.

With its own spinning mill and its fabrics and finishes factory, RECASENS is one of the few Spanish companies that manufactures and produces all its full range of products.


Our philosophy

Evolution and continuous improvement 

We know who we are and what our goals are, and we stick to our principles when choosing the path by which we will achieve them: 

  • We are perfectionists; we want to be constantly evolving and improving day by day. 
  • We create and grow together with our customers. 
  • We develop and provide our customers with the necessary tools for them to boost their business. 
  • We invest in R+D+i in order to offer the innovative solutions that the market demands. 
  • We prioritize resources, so that we have the best machinery and technical equipment. 
  • We are committed to the quality and warranty of our products. 
  • We promote the energy efficiency, safety and sustainability of our processes and products. 
  • We strengthen and retain our team’s talent. 
  • We promote training for our team, our customers and our collaborators. 
  • We promote the professionalisation and prestige of our sector. 

From tradition to innovation

Market trends, driven by architects and designers through its projects, encourage RECASENS to constantly develop ideas adapted to the most demanding needs, so his production team, together with the R & D, are constantly working to obtain the best quality and performance for all the products, guaranteed and certified by the certifications that always accompanies them.

International presence

RECASENS evolution, with over 100 years of existence, has allowed to be present in key international markets, a clear indicator of an export-oriented vision, with over 70% of its production sold worldwide.

To RECASENS, being close to our customers means to anticipate their needs, so that the combination of a long-standing tradition, industry know-how, outstanding technological innovation and sophistication, is part of its identity and warranty, strengthening the pillars of future growth and leadership.